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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Project Go-Go Boy Reunion Cast!

No groundbreaking reality series is ever complete without a reunion special, and the one for Project Go-Go Boy will be sure to knock your pants off! Set in the famous East Village club, Eastern Bloc, watch Pierre Fitch, Max Ryder, and Jake Bass get the facts straight about who’s a whore, who’s a saint, and who was really fucking around behind the scenes. Hosted by award-winning drag superstar, Hedda Lettuce, this reunion is one third hilarious, one third sex, and one third complete mind-fuck!″>
Jake Bass Fucks Max Ryder!

Allow me to elaborate… this reunion features a pretty bold twist in the end that threw my dick for a loop. Basically, our favorite twink superstars that we love to hate, Jake Bass and Max Ryder, have been at each other’s throats the entire season. While they’ve had their ways throughout the season with the likes of Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Stephen Forest, and Tommy Defendi, who would have known that all that pent-up anger toward each other translated into something straight-up barbaric in the bed sheets?! In case you are wondering, barbaric in this case is a good thing that you must see for yourself to believe.

Hedda Lettuce

Can I just also say, aside from all the sassy gay boy drama/sex, that Hedda Lettuce is a true fairy godmother? This queen is a hilarious host, and amidst all the often unintentional silliness of the industry, Hedda is a very conscious comedienne, never missing a mark! For as much as I enjoyed watching Max and Jake square off on each other this season, I must say it was equally entertaining to watch a snappy Hedda Lettuce putting both of them in their place! Like Hedda says, this reunion will make you “moist all over like a Little Debbie snack cake!”

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