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by CallMeCocky

Sexy newcomer Felix Maze returns to Cockyboys for some raw outdoor fun with Taylor Reign!

After the end-of-summer pool party, Felix notices Taylor cleaning up the grounds, and is instantly attracted by his genuine charm and rocking body. After hanging out at the Cockyboys house and getting to know everyone, Felix admits he’s never experienced public sex before, but fantasizes about the idea with Taylor after crushing on him more and more.

Felix’s fantasy comes true once he discovers Taylor jerking off in a chair near the outdoor shower. Making his desire obvious, Felix walks over and goes in for a kiss, while grabbing hold of Taylor’s throbbing cock. Felix gets on his knees and right down to business, before Taylor stands him up to get a taste as well.

Turning Felix around against the shower wall, Taylor slides his tongue from Felix’s balls up into his tight ass before sliding his cock in to give him the fucking he’s longing for. Moving back to the chair, Felix bends over to offer Taylor his ass for more… bringing Taylor to erupt and cream all over his raw hole!



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