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by Dante


I started watching The Actor just like I started watching The Banker, with no idea what to expect and excited to see what Jake Jackson had in store for us. From the beginning Answered Prayers has been filled with mystery and the unknown, hidden messages weaved in with talented acting, a unique storyline and hot sex.


From the Plato quote at the beginning we can guess that The Actor will focus on the contrast between light and dark. We find out quickly that The Lamb, who’s now in an older body, is feeding off the fears of the world. It is up to Puck to restore the balance of light and dark in the world. The Lamb, at his home, is haunted by his previous life as his body deteriorates and causes more destruction and fear in the world to feed off of.


When we are introduced to The Actor, he is sleeping only to be woken up by Puck. We see Tayte, as The Actor, taking his skills seriously as Puck, watching him both through a window and through his mirror in his attack, shows his playful side. I loved the flashbacks to previous episodes as Puck held important items in his hand.


There is something in The Actor that must have caught The Lamb’s attention. Possible he saw something in him like his former self, but instead of being tortured like The Bully, the actor is put through a transformation. As if a grand gesture, The Actor opens the double doors and finally meets the man in charge of his fate. When they finally speak, The Lamb of Darkness and The Actor of light, you can see the worried look on The Lambs face by the man who is sitting before him.


The mood changes when The Actor begins sniffing, and then removing the clothes of The Lamb. We see flashbacks of his past as the clothing is removed, as if The Actor is helping him shed the fears that haunt him. The shocking moment, just before The Actor instructs The Lamb how to suck his cock had me gasping, never expecting that twist. The scene starts out slowly, the Actor telling The Lamb to submit to him to be freed. The sex scene continues to be slow and gentle, as The Actor seems to be working to gain the trust of The Lamb. When the Lamb, while laying on the table surrounded by the tools that he’d used to cause so much pain and fear, finally let’s himself go and submits completely over to enjoying the pleasure, you can almost physically feel it.


Finally, we see The Lamb, face to face with Puck. Feeling tricked and refusing to give up his ways, Puck tries to reason with him the only way Puck knows how. As if we have been watching a grand opera, we watch the final scene, with the climatic music, showing Puck, being assisted by Romeo, putting on a long black coat. He is now ready to take his place as keeper of the tree of knowledge, just like his father had before him.

 The ending of Answered Prayers is filled with bloopers from newscasts, people laughing at themselves and enjoying life. A complete opposite to the start of The Banker, which was filled with destruction and chaos. For me, it has told a story, but I feel like there is much more to it. Every time I rewatch I find something I missed before, as if it is a living breathing thing that is always evolving sharing more of itself each time. We are also left with unanswered questions, which I hope will be revealed to us in one of Jake Jaxson’s new projects.

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