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by Aidan Cartwright

Montreal’s “boy bars” are a source of delight for anyone who loves watching beautiful men move to the music. Located in the heart of the city’s gay village on Ste. Catherine, some of these establishments have been around for 25 years and counting. Patrons come from as far away as New York, Boston, and the southern United States to enjoy the company of les beaux mecs (the hunks) who work there.

What do these bars have to do with CockyBoys, you ask? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Campus, Le Stock Bar, JP’s Cabaret, the Adonis, and particularly Taboo have seen their share of beautiful dancers, some of whom have become CockyBoys models. Taboo was even used as one of the sets for the award winning Project Go Go Boy series. Two of the series’ stars, Jake Bass and Gabriel Clark, are native Montrealers who have danced at the boy bars.

As a sometime customer of the Taboo (nothing is quite as much fun as a private dance with a stripper), I was interested to see the French documentary La face cachée des bars de danseurs nus à Montréal (Finding the Face of Montreal’s Nude Dancing Bars) was screening at Le Stock. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch it, knowing many of the stars would be in attendance.

Although no CockyBoys were present at the screening, the film’s “recherchiste” (French for researcher) Guy Tay Tremblay was. Alas, my ability to speak and understand the language is still in its infancy, for Monsieur Tremblay is one interesting guy. Known in the bars as Tiki Doo, he is an MC, magician, talent procurer, and intellectual rolled into one. For almost as many years as I’ve been alive, Tiki Doo has been part of Montreal’s boy bar scene, scouting talent, and drawing laughs with his shows. He sometimes performs mock stripteases where the audience throws loose change onto the stage, encouraging him to keep his clothes on.

It was under Tiki Doo’s experienced eye that La face cachée was made. He interviews bartenders, managers, DJs, customers, and of course the boys themselves. One such boy is Ralph Woods, formerly of Bel Ami. Seen here with the lovely Josh Elliot, Ralph was a major star of the scene. He also dated current CockyBoy Pierre Fitch, another Montreal resident. Although Pierre wasn’t interviewed for the documentary, Gabriel Clark was. He is devastatingly handsome with his clean shaven, square jawed face.

Although I was only able to pick up bits and pieces of the dialogue, the documentary does a spectacular job of showcasing the physical beauty and crowd-pleasing moves of the Quebecois boys it features. They talk about everything from private dances to the prevalence of drugs on the scene, to the star status associated with being a dancer. Through it all, Tiki Doo is present in almost every frame, interviewing his subjects. His questions sometimes elicited explosive laughs from the audience at Le Stock.

For anyone interested in delving deeper into the Montreal / CockyBoys connection, you should check out Videoboys’ website. You’ll recognize more than a few CockyBoys models, and you’ll find some pairings you can’t see on CockyBoys. It’s a testament to the cleverness of director Jake Jaxson that he talent hunts in one of Canada’s most beautiful French speaking cities. The masculine appeal, sensuality, and physical delights of his Quebecois stars are part of what makes CockyBoys’ scenes so hot and memorable.

Aidan Cartwright is an author, blogger, researcher, and word junkie with an enthusiasm for art, a well crafted punchline and working out. Having lived above a gay bookstore, queer literature and gay porn inevitably cross his mind from time to time. You can follow him on Twitter here: @CartwrightAidan

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