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by Quin


You’ve almost definitely seen Ricky Roman in his underwear before – in fact it’s pretty much impossible to miss him hanging out in a sexy pair of briefs or a jockstrap, whether it’s for Fort Troff, Andrew Christian, or simply for his own pleasure (and yours). Well now thanks to The Underwear Expert, you get to hear his deepest thoughts on underwear and other things too, in this steamy video and text interview. Ricky may be smokin hot in his jeans and briefs, but I bet his smiles, eyes and most of all that deep voice will win you over even more. Ricky’s genuine answers will win your heart too – as he describes in the written portion of the interview, for him honesty is the most important characteristic a person can have. And you can just sense the honesty in this sweet, sexy man.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.07.18 PM

If you need even more Ricky Roman after this little taste, you can find him on Cockyboys getting fucked by Tayte Hanson in last week’s film Meeting Liam, bottoming for Connor Maguire in their hot outdoors scene, or topping Levi Michaels in their cozy on-screen fling.

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