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by Jin Reads

RoadStrip Fan Survey

Please welcome our polls & surveys correspondent, Jin Reads, to The Cocky Beast! Jin will also be writing reviews and critiques of our scenes as well — you can follow her on Twitter here: @JinReads

In a recent survey, fans of Cockyboys shared their hopes for the latest feature, RoadStrip, starring Jake Bass and Max Ryder. The survey began with a set of humorous questions ending in everyone getting laid and only a few CockyBoys left standing.

The real meat of the fan responses comes from the second section; the write-in comments. Sure, we had plenty of comments regarding the sexual aspect of the “Jax” dynamic — that is to be expected when you reunite two of porn’s sexiest boys. Throw them in an RV and send them cross-country and you are bound to get mind blowing, HOT sex. However, fans are hoping for a little more from Cockyboys’ Dynamic Duo. Below are the results of our survey followed by some of our favorite write-in responses from RoadStrip — who will come out on top?!

RoadStrip Fan Survey


“These guys are better than reality TV. Jax need their own prime time “dramedy.'”

“Sweet moments. (If there are any).”

“Seeing who gets cabin fever first: Jake or Max.”

“Seeing all the hot boys Jake and Max pick up along the way. A little fucking outdoors is always good too.”
(Could they be talking about the newest Cockyboy Levi Karter?)

“Jake just being on screen is all I need for enjoyment…”

(I’m not sure if this person is giggling or if they hope to see Max & Jake giggle on camera.)

“The love between Max and Jake!”

“Jake/Max part two hopefully!”

“The hilarity of it all. And the sex of course ;)”

“Seeing what Jake Jaxson thinks up next?”

“The chemistry between Jake and Max… they are hilarious together!”

Jake Bass and Max Ryder bitching at each other 0:-)”

“Rest stop sex”
(Secretly this is my personal favorite.)

“Seeing how much trouble and mayhem these two can cause and get into, as well as the hot sex between the two!”

“The interaction between Jax and the sex!!”

“Actually, the comedy!”

“All the crazy trouble they both get into lol”


So did the first episode of RoadStrip meet all fan expectations? With the release of the premiere today, there’s only one way to find out.

    Fun to see those questions again…I had a blast writing them. Glad to see people enjoyed them. :)

    Lichen Craig
    April 4th, 2013 9:43 pm


    You nailed the choices for this survey. I swear you had them written and ready for upload in less than an hour. I could not have done this one without you. The response to the survey was amazing.
    The write in comments are a hoot!

    What’s next?


    Jin Reads
    April 4th, 2013 10:51 pm

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