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by Nick Swallow

I’ve blogged about supremely cocky straight boy Robert Long and submissive sweetie Alexy Tyler before, but never before have I shown you this supercute interview of the two of ’em. If Robert’s supremely cocky attitude turns you off, just know that beneath those pants is a 9″ monster cock that pounds Alexy like you wouldn’t believe.

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Whew!!!! I’m still hard as a rock after watching this scene. I would like to see Robert teamed up with Skylar!! OMG now that would be worth seeing!!!!


I am not for reruns either, but if this is to reintroduce Robert than I am all for it. I certainly hope this means that he is going to have some new scenes and you are ensuring that the new fans know who he is again. I absolutely love Robert!!!!


robert does have one big cock!


Even if it’s an old video, I LOVE ROBERT LONG! That straight man can fuck me anytime.


and the oscar goes 2 ALEXY TYLER, OMG, I have but one question, why did he even have 2 touch himself 2 orgasm? Roberts cock had 2 be hitting Alexy’s prostate bigtime. That’s all I would have needed, and I would have probably passed out as well LOL. Where is Robert now???????? PAY HIM what he wants, bring him back!!!!!!!!

If you wanna check it out for yourself, head here: Robert Long Fucks Alexy Tyler.

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