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by Chris Harder

Chris Harder (you may know him as GoGo Harder!) has a really interesting new blog over at, where he’s talking about his work in adult movies, specifically Cockyboys. Here’s a recent post he wrote about working on Answered Prayers part 1- ‘The Banker’, check it out!…

Since I’m co-producing the Answered Prayers‘ series, it seems a little biased of me to “review” the first film, The Banker–though in my humble opinion: it FUCKING ROCKS!

Instead, I thought it might be interesting for all of you fans and supporters to get a few behind-the-scenes, stripped down, and sliced up glances–scissors and all–at the making of this (amazing) film.

So the scissors… there’s a lot of them, and they aren’t your average “crafting day at home” scissors either. Director and producer Jake Jaxon emphasized to me many times how intensely, visually powerful the undressing of Ricky Roman’s “Banker” character by Jake Bass’ “Jinks” needed to be in order to help summon the terrifying, erotic, and ultimately cathartic transformation of the Banker. So yeah, we needed to find “big boy scissors.”


Thankfully, a person can find ANYTHING they need in New York City, and I was eventually pointed in the direction of Obsucra Antiques and Oddities, the coolest, most “non-antique” antique store you will ever hear about. Not only did I find the menacing looking pairs of sheers brandished by Bass in many of the film’s promo ads and banners, but I also picked up a vintage black leather riding crop… which definitely makes an appearance or two in the upcoming films.

I found lots of other great pairs of vintage scissors and sheers in the East Village too, and literally a bajillion pairs of antique barber scissors off of e-bay. One prop that regrettably never made its way onto set was an ancient, electric dog hair clipper from the 1950′s, originally bought to shave Ricky Roman of his slicked back hair! If you’re reading this Roman, you’re welcome.

Brief anecdote: the same day I was shopping for said scissors I also was being interviewed on Sirius XM Radio’s Derek and Romaine Show about my “Boylesk-to-Porn” transformation. I didn’t have time to drop the scissors off before my interview and was immediately detained at security check with a suitcase full of giant, knife-like scissors. Thirty minutes and three security guards later, I was politely escorted into the sound booth for my interview. The security dudes hung around too, just in case I suddenly lost it on air.

With any production, there are also invariably last minute needs and demands on set. After arriving in Montreal with boxes of scissors, books, set dressings, and the exquisite custom shirts and costumes created by Matt Knife, it suddenly dawned on Jaxon and me that we had no underwear! This wasn’t really that big of a deal, and since I needed some more costume cleaning supplies anyway I hopped the tube for the nearest H&M.

And then I met David Beckham… or what was actually just a wall of David Beckham “limited edition” underwear. Say what you want about the man, but he really does endorse some quality undies. Now this of course should have been easy: locate underwear, buy underwear, put underwear on porn stars. Instead I found myself having a Twilight Zone moment, where every box of underwear was either the wrong color, size, or cut. All I needed was a friggin’ pair of size small, white, Beckham briefs! Is there no God?! I finally found the right manties though with the help of a semi-bilingual sales clerk–who says the French aren’t helpful?–and stumbled away from Mr. Beckham.

I must have been pretty fried from the experience though because next door at the pharmacy I spent ten minutes trying to translate “spray starch” to a not-so-bilingual sales clerk only to have the manager hand me a can of “Spray Starch,” clearly spelled out in English! In my defence the other side of the can was all in French.

You’ll also notice in The Banker how Bass effortlessly cuts, snips, and tears away Roman’s finely tailored suit–ps, the dress shirt is from Macy’s Donald Trump collection! Well actually, that suit is one of three identical garments for the shoot. One suit was kept pristine and in tact while the other two suits were carefully rigged and altered so that a sleeve would literally, seamlessly rip off of Roman’s arm. In the end all three suits were destroyed, and I’m sure Bass more than enjoyed wreaking havoc on Mr. Trump’s dress shirt, I don’t blame him.


Finally, a somewhat non-related though adorable story about Levi Karter during the filming of The Banker. While in Montreal, both myself and Karter were officially “Clark’d” by Cocky Boys’ prize pony, Gabriel Clarke. I think I can safely speak for Levi when I say the scenes went fantastically (we shared a hotel room and traded stories later), but damn, were we both tired from those shoots! On top of that I was also running around Montreal for underwear and spray starch so after Jaxon treated us to an amazing Mexican restaurant, I was ready to head back to the hotel and prepare for the next day’s Answered Prayers’ tasks.


Karter left the restaurant before me, and after a stroll around Montreal’s gay district–same party, different language–I too, returned to our room. And there was Mr. Karter himself, buck naked, fast asleep, T.V blaring. Not only that, but understandably still hungry after a hard day’s work, Levi had brought his leftover burrito to bed and had managed to make the world’s most uncomfortable pillow out of a burrito, a T.V remote controller, and a liter bottle of ginger ale. It was honestly the liter bottle that impressed me most, but I like ‘em big. Anyways, I carefully unearthed the burrito from Levi (a Maria-chi band could not have awoken this boy), picked a few beans out of his hair, and turned out the light.

The next morning I awoke to Levi frantically calling out, “Hey, have you seen my burrito?!”

These are just a handful of stories from the making of Answered Prayers: The Banker. You can hear (and SEE) much more with the release of our “The Making of Answered Prayers” documentary, out soon!

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    Chris, I love you! I am having a giggling fit, can’t wait for the documentary! I am so happy to know more about the clothes, is it sad I was watching porn and thinking that clothes designer is fucking awesome?! And buying the scissors, as a lover of old eclectic things the idea of searching New York for them is fantastic, here in England we have car boot sales for similar treasure hunts, the only thing I have never found (but have looked for) is antiquey sex toys (and yes I have a good reason for wanting them and its not to use!!) Keep up your good work, I can’t wait for more xx

    December 6th, 2013 5:50 am

    I love my Burrito boy!!!!

    ~Princess Jen~
    December 6th, 2013 8:05 pm

    Highly amusing post, Chris! Can’t wait for the ‘Making of’ Documentary. I adore the behind the scenes stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    December 7th, 2013 2:13 pm

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