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by Nick Swallow
Beautiful.... Just Beautiful

Oh my GOD.

I would like to take this moment to rescind my Top 10 Studmuffins. I would instead like to replace it with THE NUMBER ONE STUDMUFFIN OF ALL TIME. Okay, maybe I’m just cracked out (on hotness), but seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!

Remember that Cocky Boys DVD I was telling you about? Yes, well Hugo Harley (Product Manager of Euro Media Distribution) informs us all at his kick ass gay porn blog, that the film will be released on NOVEMBER 16TH.

Classying it Up

For those of you that don’t know, Sebastian is somewhat of a “bad boy.” It’s true, Sebastian Young has had an interesting life: he’s got a very long rapsheet that includes robbery and the trafficking of stolen property and has already been in jail….twice. ::Sigh:: I can’t explain it. I love a hot, sexy, bad boy. Can’t you just imagine him having his way with you? And thus is why we say that Sebastian Young is BORN TO FUCK! –Hugo Harley, Certified Gay Porn Addict

Where was he when when "OZ" was on HBO?


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