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by Jake Bass

Oh Seth…lol.

I’d never met this boy before, nor did I really see any of his previous work, but frankly, I didn’t care. I was in that “in and out” kinda place that day, which usually turns out into nothing good…but I love this kid! He’s a blast! The right amount of 5’2″ and the right amount of bitchy. Between talking interior decoration and dicking around, I had lots of fun topping him, but somehow it seemed like I could never give enough that hungry bitch hehe….So I decided to let him top me, which was also lots a fun.

Something you may not all know is that my good friend and Cockyboys exclusive Kennedy Carter directed the whole scene …so it was just that much more easy being directed by someone who I’ve already fucked with, with a creative mind and avid imagination. It didn’t take any time for me and Seth to realize how not only talented, but how assertive he is in his work. Good times with good people…

Click here to see the full scene of me and Seth!

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