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by Aidan Cartwright

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Can porn be art at the same time? It’s a question I answered in the affirmative some time ago. Jake Jaxson and his crew at CockyBoys have proven it with films that show sex artistically and allow the viewer into a world where gay sex is celebrated and explored.
It would almost be funny had Jeppe not lost his spot in the school because of his porn career. It’s not like he doesn’t have a sense of humor; Jeppe’s nom de porn, Jett Black, is a prime example. With his blond hair, European features, and possibly the world’s most adorable accent, there’s nothing really “black” about this boy. Unless you consider his porn name on another level, like Natalie Portman’s alter ego in Black Swan, it may refer to a personality with layers of conflict and depth not visible to the casual observer.The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School recently answered this question in the negative regarding Jett Black. When browsing the CBC’s website (Canada’s national public news broadcaster) two weeks ago, I was surprised to see the face of Jett Black, AKA: Jeppe Hansen, a 22-year-old dancer who says he was dismissed by the ballet school when they discovered his other gig as a CockyBoys model.

Where the irony comes into play is that a ballet school could hypocritically ignore the intimate connection between dancing and sex. As Russell Smith wrote in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, “How can an art form that produced such sensual narratives as L’apres-midi d’un faune (in which the faun, a sort of satyr, masturbates with a nymph’s veil) think itself above the erotic?”
Bringing this back to Jeppe’s situation, it’s absurd to think sex can be mimicked on a ballet stage by tight-fitting costumes and suggestive movements, but the act itself can never be seen. It’s one big tease. As many online comments have suggested, Royal Winnipeg Ballet patrons aware of Jeppe’s moonlighting would likely have seen it as a draw to attend performances instead of an insult to their sense of decency. I mean, how would they find out in the first place? It’s not like most ballet patrons are visiting gay porn websites, and if they are, they’ve got no right to be “shocked” when they see an artist they recognize from the stage swapping ballet’s sexual playacting for the real thing.How indeed? The entire idea behind most two person dances is as a suggestive stand in, or prelude to, sex. Take the Pas de deux –- a two person dance involving close physical contact. In Black Swan, Nina’s inability to get the movements right in this dance earn her Thomas Leroy’s (Vincent Cassel) scorn. As the company’s Artistic Director, who seems to think the ballerinas are his private sexual playground, Thomas manipulates Nina’s desperation to play the lead role. So, of course sex comes into play.

Jeppe should be proud that he’s pushing boundaries and offending prudes in the ballet world who are still living in a time that has long since passed. To quote Russell Smith’s Globe and Mail piece again: “Highbrow as you may try to be, you just can’t take sex out of ballet. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet looks provincial for trying.”

We should commend Jeppe for having the balls (and lovely erect cock to go with them) to challenge ballet’s most ridiculous double standard.

Aidan Cartwright is an author, blogger, researcher, and word junkie with an enthusiasm for art, a well crafted punchline and working out. Having lived above a gay bookstore, queer literature and gay porn inevitably cross his mind from time to time. You can follow him on Twitter here: @CartwrightAidan

    Dear Sir:

    Please do tell : 1)whether another ballet company picked up Jett/Jeppe? 2)Also did he have grounds to sue on grounds of violating the Canadian Charter of Human Rights? or have the Tories made that a moriund document in trying to gut it. 3) Will Jeppe/Jett continue to dance ballet in Europe or the US or perhaps a modern dance troupe?


    August 12th, 2013 4:18 pm

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