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by Nick Swallow

Black Book Buddies is a new site unlike any other I’ve loved before! You can, with the click of a button (or with the touch of a touch screen) connect via phone to basically any guy you want (including porn stars like Noah O’Toole and Jake Austin)!

BBB Project Manager Tommy Wells (of the wonderful gay porn blog) says “I’m excited for our Buddies because no other service brings such an intimate one-on-one connection with porn performers and their fans.” Each Buddy’s profile page acts as their online hub featuring up to date links to their social networks and video work.

What this means is that your favorite porn stars are available to talk to you “whenever, wherever.” If you want to be extra careful, you can schedule a chat session ahead of time, or you can just pick up the ol’ iPhone and be connected to the porn star you’ve been lusting after for years in a one-on-one phone sesh.

Want to talk one-on-one with your favorite porn star? Demand him! Send him a Tweet or message on Facebook telling him you want to connect to him! Use your social media networks to connect with Buddies already signed up letting them know you want to talk to them as well!

Also, for the other side of the spectrum: if you’re a cute enough guy and have what it takes to talk dirty, you can sign up to be a Black Book Buddy and start your cult-like following…full of guys who will pay you a million dollars to sniff your balls, and hot model studs who jerk off to you every night…

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