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You guys may have guessed from all my posting about him that I’m kind of obsessed with Castro, the big black dude made famous by It’s Gonna Hurt…and his giant fucking cock [Posts about Castro: 1. Castro fucks Tony 2. Castro bottomed?!? 3. Supreme: The Biggest, Blackest Motherfucker Around 4. It’s GonnaHurt…Your Ribs from Laughing so Hard]. There’s just something about him that I find intriguing. Probably the fact that he could tear my asshole to shreds.


I found a lot of Castro gay porn videos on the new gay tube site, And after staring in awe at Castro videos, I started surfing other videos on MilkyDick. They’ve got literally every kind of video, and their site loads real fast, so I was able to check out several different ~fetishes~/styles of porn that I wouldn’t normally explore. To wit: this gay sex video of Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner. This free gay porn video of Brent Everett toilet action. It’s like a playhouse of gay porn fun. My only complaint is that I can’t embed videos from the site onto my blog, so you’ll just have to go surf it yourself!

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