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by Cilantro Che Guevara

On board this week at CockyBoys, we released a 30+ minute solo of Kevin Crows jerking off from sunrise to sundown and another yet another solo where aggressive top Ty Roderick reveals his military past and gets naked in front of all New York City.

The thing I love about solos is that you can see a model in his most personal, authentic form. Without a scene partner to influence the way he talks or the way he moves, he’s giving you who he truly is, making you feel like you’re the only one he’s stripping down for.

From CockyBoys: “Kevin Crows has it all – smoking hot body, great personality, and a sex drive that has him jerking off all day long! Top that off with his charming smile and big cock and it’s like you hit the jackpot! Watch this sexy stud shoot loads all over the house, all day long, all the way to his mouth! Unbelievable…”

From CockyBoys: “By this point, we’re used to seeing Ty Roderick as this dominant top who’s easy on the small-talk yet aggressive on the sex. He has an intensity about him that is intriguing, so we wanted to sit down with him alone and learn more.

Ty doesn’t define himself as gay or straight, and instead opts for the word “sexual.” He loves having sex with both men and women, but he said that since men are more forward and know exactly what they want, sex with them is hot in a completely different way. He used to be in the military, where he used to shower in close proximity with other “battle buddies,” and always fantasized about fooling around with them. With all these hot scenarios going on in his head, it’s no wonder he’s so quiet!

Ty also considers himself an exhibitionist, and he loved being completely naked in front of the window where he could see the entire Manhattan skyline. As he really started jerking off, he said, “I love how all of New York City is staring at my cock” before blowing his load. What we learned from Ty is that he’s got a big heart behind those pecs and we’re happy he’s a CockyBoy.”

To watch both these sizzling hot solos in full, click here to sign up at CockyBoys!

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    July 11th, 2013 7:13 am

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