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by Nick Swallow


They sure do make them hot in Canada. Sonny Stewart and Ben Rose are two handsome, tattooed studs who have the total hots for one another. You can tell by the way Sonny eats Ben’s ass out like he’s tucking into a gourmet meal- he spits on Ben’s hole and dives head first into the his butt crack, licking and probing with his tongue, getting Ben moaning with intense pleasure.


Their tattooed bodies are remarkably alike- smooth and toned, they look amazing as they make out and rub their inked skin against each other, their hard dicks bouncing in the air as hormones zing back and forth between them.


Sonny’s ass isn’t on the menu for a fucking this scene- which makes me kind of sad, because watching it bounce back and forth in the air as he’s pounding his dick into Ben’s butt makes it look like perfection- it’s round, smooth & so tasty looking. But all is not lost- Ben’s ass it just as hot, and gets an impressive working over by athletic Sonny, who works out all his aggression on it.


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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