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by Nick Swallow

We’ve all been there (for me, it’s been the past five years!)… single on Valentine’s day, cursing the very idea of Cupid, irritated by all the lovey-dovey couples that throng the side-walks and pack every restaurant in the state, stuffing freshly baked artisan bread into their soft, round, happy faces. If only you could spend the evening avoiding it all, cuddled up with a glass of wine, a pack of kleenex and your favorite Cockyboy taking instructions and doing whatever you demanded to himself… OH WAIT! You can!

This year some of the hottest Cockyboys will be foregoing the Valentine’s ritual (because when you have a line of a 1000 men queuing up to take you on a date, the last thing you’re going to do is be that predictable) and spending the evening with us- on webcam! Exclusively on Flirt For Free, the boys will be disrobing, chatting, jerking, touching, licking… basically anything a guy can do on cam they’ll be doing. And they’re going to be sharing with all of us!!

Check out these cute little banners Cockyboys just released in prep for the big night on the 14th Feb– you can click on each image to go to the respective models page…






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