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by Nick Swallow


It’s good to be back. It’s a fresh, new year. The sun is bright and shining, and it’s about 15 degrees at the moment (ok, that last part– not so great).

I’d like to start off the year by telling you that I’ve just launched my own VOD site,! It’s abolutely fucktastic, if I do say so myself. Designed with absolute simplicity in mind, it’s very easy to use. And all pictures and videos are high definition. No longer will you suffer with fuzzy, low quality porn! No longer will you be oppressed by bad, amateur tube porn! is the porn of the FUTURE.

studmall tv vod

Check it Out!

And if you sign up, I’ll give you $5 in credits, free! The only catch is you’d better give that right hand (or left) a nice work-out, and think of me while you do it. Just send me an email once you’ve signed up, and I’ll credit your account.

Now, to end the last year on a proper note, I’d like to give you my top 10 movies. DRUM ROLL…

My Top 10 Movies of 2009

when matt fucked ryan eurocreme

#10: When Matt Fucked Ryan

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supersized fuck machine titch jones eurocreme

#9: Supersized Fuck Machine: Titch Jones

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out on the hit alphamale media

#8: Out on the Hit

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ass stretcher 5 treasure island media

#7: Ass Stretcher 5

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11 Inch Fuck Stud eurocreme matt hughes

#6: 11 Inch Fuck Stud

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dad takes a fishing tripe joe gage

#5: Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

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porn boy eurocreme dreamboy

#4: Porn Boy

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paris playboys lucas entertainment

#3: Paris Playboys

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born to fuck cocky boys

#2: Born to Fuck

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used and abused studmall

#1: Used & Abused: Sebastian's Double Fuck Weekend

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