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by Nick Swallow

My favorite social networking phenomenon is no longer Facebook. After I got kicked off Facebook for being too obscene, I began investing more and more time in a relatively little-known medium known as Tumblr.

eminem on facebook

basically me.

Tumblr is completely free to view and you don’t need to sign up to see all the hot cock you want. Like, I’m not even kidding you. Tumblr is probably about 85% straight content ranging from super interesting news articles to poorly Picknicked photos made by middle schoolers with misspelled Taylor Swift lyrics attached. But the remaining 15% is right up your asshole alley, I promise!

Take for instance me and my Tumblr. You get sneak peeks at  Fucking Fantastic Film Fridays, extra model shots from a Thick Dick Thursday past, etc. But this isn’t solely a self-promotional post. Check out some of the more recent posts of my favorite Tumblogs:





Enjoy the plethora of free cock I just introduced you too. It’s great…but NOT AS GREAT AS STUDMUFFIN. The only thing that even comes close is the Studmuffin Tumblr, found here. ;)

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