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by Nick Swallow

He knew the drill.

He knew the drill.

Have you heard of Hayden Hennessy? If you say yes, you might be hallucinating. Hayden’s new to the porn circuit. Real new. In fact, his porn experience is so far limited to DIY porn (see his blog and webcam shoots. I found him on Twitter (again, HaydenHennessy) and he asked to do an interview. Unlike anyone else I’ve interviewed before, he had taken exclusive pictures for me BEFORE THE INTERVIEW EVEN STARTED. Either I’m getting too big for my blogosphere britches, or Hayden’s a trooper. Maybe a bit of both.

This post is a little different from my usual interview posts because Hayden’s never been in a film. We talk about his dreams and desires in the porn world, fast food duhhh, and monogamy.

hh1hh3If nothing else, Mr. Porn Director, you should hire Hayden so he could get some spare change to buy a new camera! Let’s be real here…the quality of these photos is not the finest. However, the thing I find so appealing about Hayden is that even though he doesn’t fit into the normal Porn Star mold (is he a twink? a cub? a pup? an otter?) he has what Alphamale would call an INSATIABLE quality about him. This boy is in it to win it, and won’t stop until he gets to the top. To be honest, I haven’t seen such an intense passion for porn since my first interview with Jessy Karson (and just look where he is now!).

Goal studio?

Hayden Hennessy : There are a lot…I would LOVE to work for Lucas Entertainment, Chi Chi LaRue, Raging Stallion, etc…Michael Lucas is a huge inspiration to me because his stuff isn’t just sexy, it’s smart and artistic.

When did you realize you wanted in the industry?

Hayden Hennessy: The first gay porn I saw was with Billy Brandt. And that was one of the things that made me want to pursue it.

Brian Ritz: Oh yeah? How old were you when you saw it/how long have you wanted to do the porn thing? lol

Hayden Hennessy: I was around 21, I’m 27 now. I’ve been seriously pursuing it for about 2 years. Before, I had no idea what the hell I was doing.


Favorite porn stars?

Hayden Hennessy: Ummmm…haha. Tommy Defendi, Rocco Giovanni, Ryan Russell. I’ve talked to the last two on Twitter and not only are they HOT, they’re cool, funny guys. Which is definitely a plus! Tattoos/piercing s are nice! = ) I’m all about the rough, punk guys. A little moreso than the standard buff guys in porn.

Brian Ritz: have you ever seen the videos of the guys @ studmall?

Hayden Hennessy: Nope not yet. But I do like down and dirty guys, is that what they are?

Brian Ritz: another must- see group. mostly amateur stuff, very gritty and real.

Hayden Hennessy: Hmmm….I’m gonna have to check it out! Haha.

Brian Ritz: and important question # 43478903: top or bottom?

Hayden Hennessy: I’m more of a bottom, but I can be versatile.

About relationships…

Hayden Hennessy

I’ve actually never been in a conventional relationship. I’ve always kind of found myself doing guys with pregnant girlfriends haha

On twinks…

Hayden Hennessy: I actually have an agent, although I haven’t talked to him in a couple months haha For a long time, I’ve been told I look too “twink” so I’m trying to go as far away from that as possible.

Brian Ritz: oh good idea! (not usually a fan of twinks)

Hayden Hennessy: I’m finding myself more and more into them actually. Damien Munroe is probably the hottest twink I’ve seen.



Hayden Hennessy: I’ve researched the business for about 5 years now. And I’ve made some contacts, all really cool people. I contacted Jason Sechrest when I was 21 and I decided I wanted to get into porn. And he was very cool about it – – even though I had no business trying to do it at that time! haha

Brian Ritz: awww. did he like, point you in the right direction as to how to get started?

Hayden Hennessy: Oh yea..I didn’t have the look at the time – – and I was being all rebellious about it. Like “I can do gay porn and NOT be toned or defined!” Like I said, I had NO idea what I was doing..

Brian Ritz: nyaw…so what have you been doing the past 6 years?

Hayden Hennessy: Moving…haha. I always seem to find myself in really bad living situations and spending alot of time trying to get out of them…I spent a few years partying alittle too hard.. haha

Brian Ritz: ohhh no

Hayden Hennessy: Yea thankfully I got it out of my system young….

Brian Ritz: i think everyone has to go through a period of getting it out of yr system. ah, but i must ask the important Studmuffinblog question, as i wait anxiously for the delivery of my lunch: favorite fast food?

Hayden Hennessy: Yea – – I spent a while just being crazy and not so healthy…but I learned SO much about myself and other people for sure. I gotta go with Subway. Their veggie sub w/ avacado is orgasmic!!

Brian Ritz: ahhh subway. a pornster favorite, i’ve noted

Hayden Hennessy: Oh but I can tear some chicken nuggets up, don’t get me wrong!

Brian Ritz: that’s what i’m TALKIN about

Hayden Hennessy: Honey mustard sauce…Mmm!

Brian Ritz: i’m thinking of doing a blog contest actually. “pose naked with your favorite fast food.” don’t see how it could go wrong…

Hayden Hennessy: now THAT could get interesting…

Brian Ritz: srsly

Hayden Hennessy: I’ll look out for it!


Hayden Hennessy: And just wanted to add that I’m very passionate about the business and want to bring that to xxx fans!

Brian Ritz: absolutely. you have a good attitude for the industry, which is very important

Hayden Hennessy: Thanks! I want to add something new/different. & I’m very serious about it. I’ve done my research and I know all about what I’m getting into…or trying to get into haha

Brian Ritz: or what you’re trying to get your dick into. yuk yuk yuk.


    I LIVE for Hayden!!! He’s an AWESOME guy and I so want him to succeed! It took me til I was 28 To get into the industry, and Hayden is DEFINiTELY on the right track!

    Brian, AWESOME interview! Looking forward to keeping up woth his blog and your work!

    Rocco Giovanni
    November 7th, 2009 11:32 pm

    Thanks Rocco! *bows*

    November 9th, 2009 11:57 am

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