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So what’s Studmall all about? I thought I’d take a little time to tell you, because in fact I didn’t really know, myself. First of all, it’s where you can find all the Cockyboys DVDs for sale. Do you even know how many Cockyboys DVDs there are? I didn’t know that either, but after doing my research I can tell you that there are, in fact, 50 different Cockyboys DVDs in existence and they are ALL available on Studmall. Fifty DVDs, and seventy scene downloads! That is enough porn to get you off for the rest of your life, probably. Depending on how often you get off, of course. But either way, there is definitely enough variety to satisfy your different moods. From feature films to bang it out sex scenes, there is something for everyone on Studmall. They range between oldies but goodies, such as Show Your Pride featuring Kennedy Carter, and classics like Boys to Adore Galore, featuring Ricky Roman, Dillon Rossi, Bravo Delta, Levi Karter, Max Ryder, JD Phoenix, and Jett Black, and the newest and hottest DVD release – Tasty Tayte, featuring none other than the 2015 Cybersockets Award nominee for Best Newcomer, Tayte Hanson. And if you look closely at the Studmall catalogue, you’ll find one item that is not like the others – well, it’s still Cockyboys, and it’s still jam packed with hot guys. But it’s something you can look at literally every single day for a whole year (or longer, if you like) – the 2015 Cockyboys calendar. Yet another sexy reason to check out Studmall.

You might still have some questions about this site, however. For example, what is the best reason to buy a DVD collection or purchase a scene download? My first answer would be, Cockyboys DVDs are bound to make really good gifts. You don’t want to presume too much by purchasing your friend (or potential lover?) a membership to a porn site, but a thoughtfully-wrapped movie featuring your favorite porn star will be a fabulous talking point and a chance for you to bond. “Oh, you’ve never heard of Gabriel Clark? Well, I have just the thing to explain him to you: this brand-new copy of A Thing Of Beauty. And you get Colby Keller, JD Phoenix and Dale Cooper along with it too!” Or, if you’re looking for the perfect way to test the waters of a threesome with your boyfriend, then Austony: The Documentary might come in handy. Watching Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero bring the gorgeous Arnaud Chagall into their bed could really put him in the mood! And a second reason for ordering your DVDs from Studmall? Well, you know how good it feels to hold something in your hand? Yeah, that is what I’m talking about. It feels pretty fucking good, doesn’t it? Now imagine opening your mailbox, pulling that thick, hard package out and just… making an event of it. There’s nothing better than the hard copy, I always say. Get yourself a DVD and try it out.

A final reason for trying out Studmall is that every week, they feature a fun new deal on their site. This week, the deal is sure to blow you! Away. Sure to blow you away. From now until Monday at midnight EST, when you buy one DVD, you can choose two more DVDs for free. That means three Cockyboys DVDs for the price of one! Are you blown away yet? Come back, because you have a lot of DVDs to pick from! They won’t pick themselves. And they definitely won’t jerk themselves off. That part is all up to you. ;)



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