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by Miss Martine

Review by Miss Martine at Foxy Girls blog

On the cover of Dillon Rossi‘s DVD we are invited to “Take That.” Dillon stares out at us, his dark eyes intense, his lean torso displaying his iconic and poetic antler-like tattoo, his nude body set against the steel structure behind him. It’s a slightly intimidating title and cover, but you want to take what he has to offer – all nine inches of it.


Dillon is rightly the feature and highlight of this collection. In his scene with Max Ryder, both guys are wonderful performers; Dillon is calm where Max is high energy, talkative; Max is forward and flirtatious where Dillon is shy and reserved. In the lush green forest of upper New York, their chemistry builds, the natural beauty a perfect background to the sensuality between the two of them. By the time they find a spot secluded enough to really be alone with each other, you can’t wait to see them together. As always, Max is incomparably beautiful in this scene, his honey-blond curls pushed back from his forehead, his bare feet vulnerable against the pavement where they park their SUV. And Dillon’s dark hair and eyes, the scruff on his face, are a perfect complement to Max. The best shot of the scene is taken from above and slightly inside the trunk of the car, an oblique but highly intimate view of Dillon fucking Max from behind and kissing him sweetly in the fading sunlight.


There are several other scenes included in the collection, from farther back in Cockyboys‘ history, before they were in the habit of introducing models along with their names. Jimmy Clay is featured in one, instantly recognizable by his handsome, tattooed looks and thick dark hair, and characteristically enthusiastic in his performance with sexy partner Mason Starr. We are also treated to some touches of artfulness in their scene; the beautiful chandelier in the background; the tasteful painting of a nude male figure. Best of all, these two guys seem to genuinely have fun with each other.

The scene that really swept me off my feet, however, and that earns the DVD its assertive title, is Dillon’s solo scene. In true Cockyboys fashion we are introduced to Dillon and his sexual interests as he is set free to explore them on camera. And he is good at exploring them. The best thing about a solo scene is that, unlike paired scenes, there is never a question of compatibility. Dillon knows exactly what feels good to him, and has plenty of practice at getting himself off – he even gets a little kinky while doing it. If you’ve ever experimented with new or slightly unconventional ways of turning yourself on, used toys or props, or fantasized about someone watching you masturbate, you’ll instantly recognize Dillon’s excitement at trying these things in front of us. It’s incredibly infectious; don’t be surprised if you find – as I did – that you’re inspired to try something new yourself.

Just be sure to thank Cockyboys when you’re doing it.

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