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by Quin


Tayte Hanson slammed into Cockyboys in May of this year, in his first scene with Levi Karter, and he hasn’t stopped going since. To date he has six scenes out with Cockyboys, ranging from the documentary-style So You Wanna Be a Cockyboy? to his first flip-fuck with Justin Matthews, to the most recent Meeting Liam, part “cockumentary” featuring the brand-new¬†Liam Riley, and part ghost story – with more of Liam and Tayte to come. What’s more, Tayte has a significant role coming up in the epic Answered Prayers series, playing an as-yet undisclosed¬†character – but one he’s sure to carry out with the same grace and personal magnetism that he lends to all his scenes, and his other porn-related work.

His other work takes many forms. Though we don’t really get to see him perform onstage, we know Tayte is a talented dancer. But what we do get to see are his sexy, entertaining video blogs and “Confessions,” as he entitles them, on his youtube channel. These personal, from-the-heart vlogs show that Tayte is a real, genuine person as well as a porn star. We also get to see the gorgeous selfies Tayte posts on his twitter, especially those for his own personal #TatyeTuesday tag, and of course photos of the promo work he does for Fort Troff. To learn even more about Tayte, check out his exclusive interviews for Foxygirls Blog, the Porn Actor’s Studio, and porn blog Queer Me Now. Best of all, you can find all these things and more on Tayte’s website –, the dynamic, magazine-style resource designed and executed by Tayte himself!

With all this hard work and devotion to show, it’s no wonder that Tayte was nominated in the 2015 Cybersocket Awards for Best Newcomer. “Cockyboys has imbued me with an immense amount of happiness,” Tayte explained to me, “by granting me a playground by which to grow and experience the industry surrounded by hard workers and a constant wave of positive energy. My nomination for best newcomer via the Cybersocket Awards really proves that hard work with guidance, and sometimes a swift kick in the ass along the way, really pays off.”

Nearly 20,000 followers on twitter – plus a fan-run twitter, Tayte’s Tag Team, created just to promote him – would seem to agree! And what about you? If you haven’t already, now’s your chance to vote for Tayte Hanson for Best Newcomer! Feel free to vote for everything else Cockyboys while you’re at it. ;)


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