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by Nick Swallow

Here’s a great blog post from Max Ryder, you can see more at


So last Wednesday I hosted a party alongside my boys Levi Karter & Benny Morecock in part of a KICKSTARTER for raising money for my new favorite BK based web series ‘The 3 Bits’!

The 3 Bits is a BK based queer web series that surrounds three siblings Henry, Roman, and Madison Bits and their journey through life, sex, drugs, and well sex. The things those guys get mixed up in is not only easy to relate to, but soooooo hilarious.

Anyways, the reason we have teamed up with creators Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, is to raise money for their upcoming season! If we raise enough money not only will ‘The 3 Bits’ be back with another crazy new season, but a season if we make enough money, will also allow me to make a cameo as well!

***UPDATE: They hit their fundraising target! So the shows going to be made! Woo!***


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