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by Nick Swallow

Who are The 3 Bits I hear you ask (except you, that cool kid at the back- you’ve seen their web-series already I can tell by the way you’re smiling). Webseries, now I hear you say? Well yes! The 3 bits, who are comprised of gay loser-in-love Henry, drug-dealing & straight-talking lesbian Roman & sassy midtown-mom-with-a-coke-problem Madison are a comedy slash drama trio who are shaking the foundations of what an online TV show can be; I’ll just label them trail-blazing, ground-breaking and refreshingly forthright and be done with it.


Cole Escola, Erin Markey and Margaret Singer (the actors) have separate series that range from serious to raucous, and they also crossover (the three of them are related in the shows, you see), so you never quite know who’s going to pop up in each episode or what kind of vibe you’re going to get from one minute to the next. For instance, Henry’s show sees him trying and failing to organise a gay orgy, trying to ease the anxiety of his good looking friend with a small weiner, and a first date that may or may not be with a kinky serial killer…

Roman has to deal with more serious issues; stealing a dealers stash of drugs, getting seduced by a client and having her favorite jacket ripped from her hands as ‘a friendly threat’ by some scary ladies in masks. Madison is a demented stay at home mom who’s trying to prove that she’s cool, in one instance doing something so outrageous that it actually resulted in a real life visit from the police to check that she hadn’t broken a law (go here to see that particular corker of a show!).


Now, one thing that’s makes the The 3 Bits special is they’re not afraid to get sexy, even explicit… To the point where there’s going to be some actual sex in the show. OMG! This is the point in the post where I give the secret away- more-than-a-porn company Cockyboys (have you seen Answered Prayers?!) are teaming up with the The 3 Bits to bring exclusives Max Ryder, Levi Karter and sexy-butch-fucker Colby Keller to the comedy scene, to show off their funny-bones and get into some steamy-sexy time with the Bits.

The crossover will get right to the heart of the anxiety people feel about mixing art and pornography. To quote the 3 Bits talking to Buzzfeed: “Our attitude toward [sex on screen], though, is- why does it have to be called for? Why do we have sex and nudity in this special category of, ‘Yeah, you show people eating breakfast because whatever, but sex, it has to be really called for.”

As well as being featured on Buzzfeed (which is quite an honor- they only cover the really cool stuff going on across the web), The 3 Bits have been written about on Indiewire, Televisual, Curve… and loads more I’m not going to mention because if those illustrious four aren’t enough to convince you, nothing will.

So how does this all involve you? Well, first and foremost, you should go watch what The 3 Bits have produced already (it’s free!) and then come back here… OK you’re done? Great! They’re funny right? Maybe not so much Roman- she’s got some serious shit going down. Did you enjoy the shared narrative the three of them have flowing across and between their episodes? Me too. But get this- they can’t continue filming! Wha?! But we love it, they HAVE to!

Well the deal is that the writing, production, editing etc. all costs $$$. And they don’t have enough of those pesky $$$ to keep going without a little help from their friends, the 3 Bitters (we’ll see if that sticks). They’re started up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the series, with some pretty snazzy prizes for those who donate including:

Tshirts, pics, props from the show, a personalised recorded greeting from Max Ryder, Levi Karter or Colby Keller or even a personal cam session with one of those hottie porn actors!


There’s also an extra special award available for this Wednesday 4th December: get VIP treatment at the 3Bits party at The Woods in Brooklyn, co-hosted by Cockyboys’ Colby Keller, Max Ryder, and Levi Karter! There’s a gift bag from Cockyboys at the door, and they’ll take a photo of you with the boys. Wowzers!!!


You can check out the Kickstarter yourself here- please donate if you’re able, as it would be fantastic to fund this unique series and give it a chance to grow into it’s incredible potential.


    Wahhhhhhh….why aren’t I rich? Why don’t I live in NY? My life SUCKS.

    Seriously, a 10 min meet/greet cam session with Max?!!! Not gonna lie, it’s taking everything in me not to sell my car right now.

    Awesome web-series, awesome Kickstarter incentives, and ofc add in the Cockyboys and I’m confident they’ll reach their goal.

    December 3rd, 2013 11:38 pm

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