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by Benny Morecock

This week at CockyBoys, we are debuting a video where Max Ryder gets revenge on Tommy Defendi’s ass. That’s not to say our little Go-Go Boy didn’t love getting his ass pummeled by Tommy when he lost his porn virginity to him a little while ago, but now that he’s gained experience, a huge fan base, and a few more kinky tricks in the sack, Max definitely had something to prove to the man who got him started in the industry.

Max Ryder Takes Revenge on Tommy Defendi!

I’ve always been captivated by the concept of the “revenge fuck.” Most of the time, a guy definitely knows if he’s a bottom or a top so there’s never really any issue over who has the dominant role. But every now and then, a little bottom boy will wake up one day and think — Holy fuck, how could I let them do that to me? Even though it felt super hot getting my bell rung from the inside, why can’t I be the one in control for a change?

Tommy Initiates Max

This issue is also complicated since the role of “bottom” almost always requires some degree of pain, whereas the top never endures any pain whatsoever (unless your partner has teeth in his vagina… sorry, couldn’t resist!) So when you are the bottom, you have to sacrifice some degree of pain for another’s pleasure. And this can of course be totes hot for the first couple hundred times, but then it gets just a tad bit degrading if he hasn’t let you turn the tables and nail him for a change.

Max's revenge!

Tommy wasn’t so open-minded with the idea of getting pounded by the guy he had so successfully initiated, but Max knew that Tommy didn’t really have a choice when it came down to it and challenged him to a slingshot competition where the winner gets to top. Let’s just say that this little proposition really put Tommy’s ego in check and his asshole in knots!

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