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by Quin


There’s just something about a blond. That rich, silky color, whether dark or light, curly or straight, set against tan skin, or maybe skin that’s equally pale. In Cockyboys‘ recent scene featuring Justin Matthews and Max Carter, we get both. Max Carter is well known for his straw-blond hair and California complexion, and Justin with his honey blond locks and surfer’s body┬áis a gorgeous compliment to Max. In the soft light falling onto them through the window, even the hair on their bodies is blond and glittering. It’s a beautiful sight.

Not to mention, the sex between them is sizzling with chemistry. Both Justin and Max are eager to try each other out, and neither one disappoints. Read on for Jake Jaxson‘s thorough description of this smoking hot scene!


Justin Matthews and Max Carter are different in a lot of ways, but that just made the chemistry between them even hotter. Max has very chiseled, European features, so naturally he said Justin’s “all-American football jock” look was a huge turn-on for him. And Justin was the first to admit he hasn’t had many dicks in his ass, but he had a big smile on his face talking about how eager he was for Max’s cock.

Max couldn’t wait to start blowing Justin’s cock — which he said had to be in the 7.5 to 8 inch range — and he definitely went to town on it. Justin was moaning from the get-go, especially when he got ahold of Max’s dick and they 69’d. Max really wanted to get plowed by this point, so it wasn’t long before he began riding Justin’s cock for what seemed like hours.

And then finally, it was Justin’s turn to get fucked. The look on his face when Max first started nailing him from behind was priceless. Justin was totally loving every second of it, all the way up to the final climax where the guys both shot huge loads on his torso. Justin’s the type of uninhibited guy whose sexuality is always blossoming on screen, and this time Max really gave him a run for his money!


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