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by Nick Swallow

Another day in Chicago, another porn event. If that sounds like I’m over it- think again! I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT! 

Yesterday morning it seemed like every porn star from the Grabby’s show the night before had descended on the Naked Sword brunch, hosted by Naked Sword executive producer Tim & drag-superstar Roma.

NorthEnd bar on Halsted St played host and provided heaps of nibbles so the packed crowd could keep their sugar levels up as all their blood drained to their dicks from being in a room with fifteen+ porn stars. Christian Wilde was the first to take to the stage and when asked by Sister Roma to describe his first bottoming scene, which only happened a few weeks back, he replied with his characteristic charm “How can you put such a beautiful experience into words?” < adorable right? Then he proceeded to admit that he’d be up for trying fisting too and any idea of romance left the room as an orderly queue formed at the front of the stage.

Jake Bass hopped on stage to answer some questions and got ambushed about his recent ‘cosy up’ with the hunky Connor Cline- pics have been floating around theSword of the two gazing into each others eyes and locking lips. Jake blushed and got a little lost for words- just goes to show, even bad boys have soft hearts…

Max Ryder was complimented on his presenting skills, seeing as he saved the day at the Grabbys when a technical malfunction resulted in a video not playing and the room descending into silent darkness. He pulled the show back from the brink and announced that ‘we can always google it’ to a sea of laughter- securing him as the official BEST PRESENTER FOR THE NIGHT. Whomp!

Levi Karter got grilled on his exercise regime and how he keeps himself so flexible- he can literally get his leg behind his head, which he demonstrated on stage to an assortment of horny groans and thigh slapping. He admitted that it took dedication, daily stretching and copious hours of using his feet as ear warmers (that’s getting fucked, to the analogy challenged).

All in all it was the perfect way to wind down the Grabbys weekend. Thanks NakedSword for a great afternoon! 



From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

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