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CockyBoys has a plethora of female fans, and was even featured in Cosmopolitan as one of the best porn websites for women (and the only male-on-male site)! Our female fan base has formed a community on Twitter so The Cocky Beast is featuring a regular column written by one of these ladies focusing on gay porn, gay men, and what makes females so turned on by the CockyBoys!

My name is Lisa and I am a CockyBoys Fangirl. I am very proud to be part of a rather large group of fans of CockyBoys, so you might be asking yourself who are we.

We are loyal, vocal, passionate, protective, inquisitive and really nice people who love anything, everything and anybody CockyBoys. The CockyBoys Fangirl female population is a mixture of sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, family status, various age groups, educational backgrounds, and income levels. We are unique and special.

How did I become so interested in gay porn? My earliest memory of feeling different about sex was when I was 4 years old. I really, really wanted to know how babies were made. My story starts when I was a 17-year-old virgin who was very curious about sexuality in general.

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So that is when my sexual curiosity began to flourish. I saw my first porn movie sneaking into an old drive-in movie theater and watching a really bad straight porn movie. I was shocked, aroused and just plain old curious at that moment.

I wanted much more. So that’s when my adventure began in really discovering my sexuality and desires. Throughout all of my many explorations, I now choose to not label myself. I prefer to state I like the souls — and not so much the “parts” — because it’s very true for me.

Over the years, I became very disillusioned with porn in that it never catered to my true desires. It felt like the dialogue, the people, and the scenery were so fake and rather stupid. I felt I was degrading myself in just watching it. But then this past year I rediscovered porn, gay porn in particular.

I was in heaven until I realized too many of the gay porn companies were doing the same awful films that straight porn was doing. These films were all about abuse, degradation, pain, and there was no sexual connection. About the time I was getting frustrated in lack of quality of film, I discovered CockyBoys via the film Project GoGo Boy. I was amused, intrigued, aroused, and just highly impressed with the story, the filming, and the characters. It was the best porn of any kind I had ever seen (and I have seen a lot over many years).

In the last 8 months, I have developed such a connection through social media with CockyBoys and the Cockyboys Fangirls. I have learned how and why we connect with CockyBoys so fiercely. It is not always the scenes we talk about. We talk about the company, the stars, the people and the CockyBoys pets. We connect on a family level with Jake, RJ and Benny who treat us not just as valuable but as people. Our interactions with them and the stars via social media give us a glimpse into not only the work being done but the lives behind the scenes.

CockyBoys Threeway

This interaction works both ways. They show they care about us as we care for them. There is not another company that does that for its fans to the level that CockyBoys does it. There is not any entertainment company in any genre that shows it cares to the level CockyBoys does for its fans.

So what is it about CockyBoys that makes us, the fans, so passionate, loyal, and coming back for more scenes? What is it that makes CockyBoys not just a porn company? CockyBoys offers more by allowing honest sexual chemistry and connections between scene partners. This enhances the pure lust we see. We are then pulled into the action. There is respect for its stars and fans. CockyBoys wants to embrace us, the fans, in as many ways as possible.

CockyBoys is also trying to improve and push the boundaries when it comes to their work. This was very evident in the world premiere of Roadstrip at the Qfest film festival this past July. This event allowed for a wider more mainstream audience to experience the skill and craftsmanship that is the CockyBoys films.

So my story is a simple one. I am a loyal fan for the overall package that CockyBoys gives to us, the fans. I am always excited to see what is coming next. I am never bored with their content. I embrace interactions with all the members of CockyBoys on many levels. It is a unique experience that I treasure and never take for granted.

You can follow Luscious Lisa on Twitter here: @reallushusljs

    Wow Lisa! This is a perfect description of CockyBoys, the pups, and the fans. You said it all!

    August 14th, 2013 8:10 pm

    Fangirls? I’m sorry but that word right there describes the mindset. Sounds like a bunch of Beliebers instead of LOGP…..

    August 15th, 2013 3:29 am

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