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by Quin



Last week I told you all about The Haunting‘s nomination for a 2014 Hustlaball Award, and explained how to vote for it in online. Thanks to you (and maybe a random few people who didn’t actually read my post), The Haunting did in fact win the award in its category of Best Movie! To top off the win, as Cockyboys and Haunting star Ricky Roman are traveling to Germany this week, home of Boner Magazine and the origin of the Hustlaball Awards, they will be able to receive their award in person. How’s that for some fabulous, sexy timing?

Speaking of timing, it’s been two years since the premiereĀ of The Haunting series, with its all-star cast of Arnaud Chagall, Ricky Roman, Dillon Rossi, Jake Steel, Dale Cooper, Christian Wilde, and Max Ryder, and the fact that it is still winning awards (this is its 3rd) is a testament to its lasting power. Not only is the sex in this series incredibly hot, but the storyline is moving and, well, haunting. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite episode of this series, so really I would just recommend you watch them all in celebration of The Haunting’s recent win. And since it’s October and the Halloween season, what better way to celebrate than with a good, old-fashioned porn ghost story?