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by Nick Swallow

This Thick Dick Thursday, I’d like to introduce you to Kyle from the new site GuyBone, recommended to me by Benny Morecock. Kyle has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen and a spunkworthy 7″ cock. Not to mention chest hair…just a little bit of chest hair…mmm…’s Featured Model is Kyle. He’s a sexy 33 year old Caucasian brunette with gorgeous green bedroom eyes. At 5’11” and 175 lbs., Kyle is all stud. His hard as a rock cock is 7 inches cut, and he has 6 tattoos, no piercings. Kyle is turned on by men in uniform and men with dark hair and dark eyes. He’s a versatile bottom, and is an insanely hot addition to

Click the pics to check out Kyle’s videos so far on GuyBone:

Zac Tops Kyle

Xander Tops Kyle

Kyle Tops Xander

And click here to read a review of!

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