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by Nick Swallow

In an effort to increase readership (not that you all aren’t lovely as you are), I’m going to attempt to begin a daily updating system. Expect a recall of the original Fucking Fantastic Film Friday to follow tomorrow…but for now, enjoy the inaugural Thick Dick Thursday!

I’ll admit, the majority of my images of today’s thick-dicked stud, Will Jamieson, are drawn from his upcoming compilation DVD, Bad Boy Next Door. It has scenes from Rudeboiz 5, Borstal Boy, the super-popular Police Boy and more! But before I sound like an infommercial…here are the pictures of Will Jamieson & his Thick Dick!

With Ondrej Sokol

Police Boy

More of Mr. Jamieson and his thick schlong ATJ:

Anthony Turner suckin' WJ

Okay, whatever, it's hot and from Borstal Boy (which Will stars in)

I just love his stare...

Okay, fine. Who would I be if I didn’t give you a trailer to go along with it…*sigh*

Aaaannnd that’s all for this week’s Thick Dick Thursday! Stay tuned for many more fun surprises to cum.

For every single picture I’ve ever posted of Will Jamieson, click here!

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