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by 00179024

A Thing of Beauty: ‘Free to be me’ is the last part of a sensual, passionate film experience that stars Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark and Dale Cooper. It is a authentic, raw, intense visual that shows the love and passion between three beautiful men. We share this experience with them as they show us sexual passion with their bodies and souls. I felt it was the perfect completion for an exquisite film.


The movie starts off in a very carefree way with visions of sun, sand, water and smiles showing us the loving, carefree nature of life. We see smiles, hear laughter and feel through the images the sensual love flowing through all elements in front of us. We are drawn in to the scenery by the music, the natural sounds and poetry of Walt Whitman – “Once I pass’d thru a populous city”. The poem describes a meeting between Whitman and a man with who he shared a beautiful experience. It reminds us of how sometimes in life it’s about embracing the moment to enjoy the love and joy we will experience.


The next scene we see is in a outdoor shower where all three of our men revel in the feel of the sun, water and the touch of each other. I found this moment so sensual for there was not any moment where pleasure was not found in each other. Each person was in touch with each partner by touching, tasting and loving the texture of each other. The scene resonated with me because no was ever neglected in any way. There was so much giving that it brought a increased level of eroticism to play. Then the added element with the shower water being another partner where it cooled, enticed and encouraged the erotic play between all. I really felt by the end of the scene that I was participating somehow. I had been invited in to also feel and revel in the moment with them. Overall it was very organic and natural extension of the experiences in the sea.

Throughout the rest of the movie we see equal amounts of kissing, touching, caressing and sexual pleasure for all three of them with no one person taking. All three gave in many ways and were constantly aware of what their partners were doing, receiving and giving. There was no dominance at all. They were a unit of sensuality and pleasure that just oozed off the screen. I couldn’t stop watching. I saw that as the most important aspect of the message of this part of the film. The pure, unconditional giving to each other.


The interior of the bedroom was also in play as a partner in this unity of pleasure. The airiness of the light shining through the window, the contrast of the wood and purity of the bed linen all enhance the intense emotions. As water had been used previously these elements reinforced the animalistic pure pleasure being felt by all.

This fourth partner allowed the sensuality to shine through in the pleasure being given whether it be by a mouth or double penetration or even a soft caressing touch. The love and pleasure each man gave to his partners was unconditional and pure contentment. It made me smile as I felt the hope that maybe one day I will be able to experience a fraction of a loving moment like that.


This freedom of love, passion and contentment then came back with us back into the real world of cars, cities and craziness. We were then reminded of the elements of play and love we need to embrace the people and world around us. This play tells us to not forget to to be free, to love and know all is possible for us. We need to allow ourselves the freedom to embrace love, sensuality and sexual pleasure in ways that allow our hearts and souls to flow free.

In the end I felt so compete but lighter as I was reminded in what was really important in this life we have. It’s up to me to embrace it so I can be free.

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