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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Hello, dear readers. It’s been a while since I have last updated this old blog, but that is because I have been doing some other exciting things behind the scenes at CockyBoys (but more on that later). I would also like to remind you that something fucking EPIC will be taking place at CockyBoys in the next month that will transform the entire way you watch and read about porn. We even took on a new staff member recently to help us with this project — his first day is actually tomorrow!

In my blogging absence, CockyBoys has released some pretty hot and groundbreaking stuff that I really really wanted to write about but couldn’t due to me actually helping out in the production of some of these scenes. So I’d like to use this post to update you on what’s really hot at CockyBoys and why you should head on over there right away to watch the scenes everyone’s talking about.

1.) Arnaud Chagall Becomes a Manly Man

Arnaud Chagall Gets Fucked by Tommy Defendi

A few of us always had faith that little Arnaud Chagall would hit puberty and turn into a pulsing hot sex demon monster man, but that was never fully realized until we made him play one in a scene. The Haunting did great things for everyone’s favorite friendly French-Canadian sex ghost, and after he scared the fuck/fucked the scare out of fans everywhere, his scenes with Austony and Bravo Delta catapaulted him into superstar status. You’re gonna want to know this boy’s name, so it’s pronounced Arr-no Shugg-all (you are welcome, Zach Sire).

With all those scenes to add to his impressive resume, Arnaud then released a scene with the perfect partner, Tommy Defendi. These two were perfect together and with the success of the scene, I think it is safe to say this was truly Arnaud’s year!

2. Gabriel Clark and Francis Houde Made a Magical Scene Together

Gabriel Clark Fucks Francis Houde

Sometimes scenes work and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes all the ingredients are there, but the end result just doesn’t hold together in the end. Sometimes not all the ingredients are there, but what-do-ya-know, it’s a fucking masterpiece! That is the case with this beautiful Gabriel Clark and Francis Houde fucking scene. None of us at CockyBoys could have planned for this simple sex scene to work out in the way it did, but sometimes the chemistry between the scene partners elevates the scene above and beyond.

3. Austony is Still Fierce!

Anthony Romero Austin Wilde Austony

Maybe “fierce” should only be used to describe drag queens, who only use that word when they are performing drag getups of Tyra Banks, who is actually a drag queen version herself of Oprah Winfrey. Anyway, Austony is still one of our most successful series, and it’s no mystery why. This couple works so well together, and they know how to translate that chemistry to camera perfectly. This past month, we released part II and part III of the series documenting their relationship and it only gets better! Oh and BTW, Arnaud Chagall really does make the perfect third!

4. Max and Jake’s RoadStrip Teaser!

Saving the best for last, of course, and not just because I cut this trailer myself! JK, but really, it is probably the one project I’m most excited about. This month we released a teaser for Jake Bass and Max Ryder’s new comedy/sex series, RoadStrip, and it’s all set to be released early next year. Take a look below, and if you haven’t already, sign the fuck up to be a CockyBoys member so you don’t miss out on any other updates! We have been working hard, and I’m finally producing work that makes up for the blog posts (sorrrry, BTW, but rest assured… there will be a LOT more blogging in the future!)

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