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by Nick Swallow

Jake Jaxson‘s eagerly awaited porn artventure (see what I did there- a mashup of art and adventure! It’ll catch on, trust me!) has been capturing the imagination of every porn fan and studio out there as a slow trickle of information has flowed from Jakes Instagram account, as he’s been snapping off-the-cuff shots while he’s been filming. Everyone is wondering, what will the writer and director of The Haunting, RoadStrip and A Thing Of Beauty produce next, considering the abstract nature of the shots that have been leaking?

There’s no doubt that each of his releases build upon the previous, with lessons learnt improving each subsequent movie- a simple fact that leaves us wondering what kind of intense visual experience we going to get when Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, GoGo Harder and all the other Cockyboys hit our screens in this upcoming porn poetry? The whole thing has an epic feel about it, as every week we hear of another Cockyboy being announced as starring. I for one can’t wait!

But for the moment all we have are images from the set.. here’s five more that were released this week…

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    OMG those tighty whities!!! yes!!

    bad nickie
    October 30th, 2013 10:36 pm

    Would love to see some photos of Frankie V.’s involvement in this!

    October 31st, 2013 12:54 am

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