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by Nick Swallow

Hey Pornsters,

I’m bringin’ back the fan favorite, Titch Jones! Eurocreme Model, (Borstal Boy, Indieboyz 2, Hung Ladz, Supersized Fuck Machine) and recently premiered Treasure Island Model (Pounded), Titch Jones is THE Meat Monkey-Fuck Machine, also winner of the prestigious Benny Morecock Two-Thumbs (plus one more digit) Up Award… Ok, that last award was made up, and Meat Monkey-Fuck Machine doesn’t make any sense. But who cares, are you still reading this? Shut up and look at these fucking pictures.

He's got the "I'm about to smack you with this thing" look on his face

He's got the "I'm-about-to-smack-you-with-this-thing" look on his face









All these stills are from Titch Jones’ Supersized Fuck Machine.


buy it.... BUY IT NOW!

It’s a best-seller on my Gay DVD Store. It’s a compilation of all his best Eurocreme scenes. You won’t be disappointed.  He also recently shot for Treasure Island Media in the Bareback DVD Pounded.

Right Now, 25% Off at Studmall

Right Now, 25% Off at Studmall

I never realized what a dirty-ass motherfucker he was till I saw Titch Jones in Pounded. He LOVES to fuck dirty. On a tangent, Pounded is 25% off on Studmall right now.

These two DVDs are definite must-see’s for any Titch Jones fan.

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