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by Nick Swallow

Todd and Dolph in the upcoming Bel Ami film exclusively from Euro Media Distribution

Todd & Dolph

As I mentioned a few days ago, not only is the Peters’ Twins first ever film, TABOO, comin’ down the pike, we’ve also got Todd and Dolph rolling in with some serious twink sex. These real life boyfriends play around with themselves, with other guys–including Pierre Fitch‘s ex Ralph Woods–and a handheld camera. The amateur-esque sex scenes really turned me on, especially contrasting with the typical Bel Ami glossiness. Here they are, in what could just as easily be a Myspace profile pic:todd-dolph-bel-ami-1

Their film named, aptly enough, Todd and Dolph, is now available for purcha$e at Studmall!

Click here to order Bel Ami’s Todd and Dolph — for all the twink lovin’ you’ll ever need…for today at least…

Not convinced? Here’s a trailer:

For more twinks,  jizz and hand held cameras, head ATJ!:



He looks like a high school jock...



Sexiest twinks around...

Alright, I’d say that’s enough temptation for today. Expect more tomorrow, in honor of -who else- Todd and Dolph! :D

Your best friend,

Brian E. Ritz

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