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by Nick Swallow

Trent Diesel
From Trent Diesel’s blog:

Hey there sexy guys and gals so this past weekend I made my first trip out of the country to shoot with, I loved shooting with them in new york so I thought I would give montreal a shot, well all I have to say is wow wow wow I love this city, it all started when I arrived on Friday afternoon and met with my director bruce and we got checked in at my home for the weekend the loft hotel at terries st dennis (fucking awesome cocky boys sure know how to put a guy up in style!)  Then it was on to the gay village a few blocks away surrounded by beautiful architecture and some very attractive locals we went to see the strip club where my first scene partner Gabrial Clark works. “And what a hottie he is!!!!!!” the next day I woke up hard thinking about my scene with him that day. Witch went awesome!!! Fucked each other so hard we moved furniture ;) the second scene the next morning early me and Gabrial got to gang up and double fuck a super hot bottom Andrew Elliot grrrrrrr so fucking hot. So I must say that all and all I loved my first trip out of the country. Watch for the video updates on!


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