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by Quin

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” Did you know that traditionally, December 25th is only the first day of Christmas, and the other eleven days continue until January 5th? According to that tradition, Christmas isn’t over yet… and thanks to the efforts of our fellow blog, Foxygirls, we have a full 12 Cockyboys of Christmas to celebrate the season with! This fun retrospective post highlights twelve different Cockyboys, lists some of their best features and favorite scenes, and even takes us all the way back to each model’s first scene with the studio – which in some cases goes back several years!



Listed chronologically, the 12 Cockyboys of Christmas includes studio favorites such as Gabriel Clark, Ricky Roman, Levi Michaels and Tayte Hanson, complete with full-size photos of every model. The thoughtfully-written descriptions of the guys are also a celebration in themselves, of each model’s personalities and what makes us love them so much. From Jaks Bass’s bold spirit to Chris Harder‘s creativity; from Levi Karter‘s energy to Duncan Black‘s hot ass, each model is definitely a gift. So before you start getting the post-holiday blues, cheer yourself up with a good read in this festive Foxygirls post – and maybe even a good jerk-off afterwards!



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