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by Nick Swallow

Most of the Cockyboys are on Twitter and like to share their lives with their fans- here’s some examples of what you’ve been missing if you’re not marching in the Cockyboy parade:

Ricky Roman pounding the weights room and showing off his incredible physique…


Jake Bass, Ricky & Levi Karter posing on a Brooklyn rooftop…


Dillon Rossi with Levi making funny faces (Levi gets in a lot of photos huh!)


Go-go Harder sneaking a photo-op in a mysterious bathroom!…


Arnaud Chagall showing us how incredibly sexy he can look, even when his scene partner is just a dildo…


Bravo Delta¬†showing off his work clothes… kind of!


Max Ryder on one of his latest shoots with some big name photographer…


Start following the guys if you want to see more of the same!

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