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by Nick Swallow

Ty Roderick has become the go-to man when you need an ass given the royal treatment- his tongue is like a red carpet that licks out a hole until it’s ripe and ready, his dick sticks straight up like a soldier standing to attention, and then he hides his crown jewels deep in that precious hole… OK, that was a weird place I just went to. Actually watching Ty go at it is far sexier than I just made it sound, and this time it’s Max Ryder who’s the very willing recipient of Ty’s many inches of steel.

Watching the two of them standing on an outside porch, with Ty easing himself up Max’s ass, and then the two of them rutting like well-manicured animals got my dick twitching and balls overflowing with juices. Messy? Yes it was. Almost as messy as these two get when they spunk all over themselves…


Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene for yourself here!

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