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by Nick Swallow

I love me some Unzipped — after all, what self-respecting gay man doesn’t?

However, today I was shocked and appalled by their post on Wolf Hudson. Wolf is near and dear to my cock heart, both for his humor, his amazing lips, his consistently awesome performances, etc. etc.

Those dunces (hence the dunce cap in the illustration above) suggested that Wolf’s doppelganger is newcomer Leo Forte. Let me illustrate:

"The King of Kink," Wolf Hudson

v. Unzipped’s comparison, Leo Forte

Okay, other than their identical poses and hair/facial hair…these two look nothing alike! AM I RIGHT? I propose instead, my long-standing belief that Wolf Hudson is related to Angelina Jolie. Observe:

v. my obviously correct comparison!

What do you think?

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