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by Nick Swallow


(Please imagine the following in a Californian girls squeaky voice)… Do you like/love/adore the Cockybeast? OMG! We do too! We’re totes adorballs together!!

OK, now that’s over with- the Cockybeast was recently listed on the venerable blog listing site Best Male Blogs and it would lovely, great even, if you could show your support for our cute little blog by heading over there and voting for us?

If we get a high enough score I KNOW I can convince one of the Cockyboys to strip off and climb into my bed… Oh hang on, that’s just a prize for me isn’t it? OK, I’ll take pics, how’s that?

Thanks for voting! 

(FYI you can only vote once, any more and it looks spammy and they block your vote, so please only vote once- thanks!)

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