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by Nick Swallow
W-w-w-Wally's World!

W-w-w-Wally's World!

Not to be confused with the colloquially-known Wally World (Wal*Mart), Wally’s World Blog is the home to muscle guys galore: bodybuilders, hot college jocks, men with glistening pecs and chiseled abs…basically everyone’s wet dream. The writer of the blog, coincidentally also named Wally, and I are blog-buddies…and FYI, I don’t become blog buddies with just anyone. I also thought that if you’re interested in Cocky Boys (who are notoriously muscular and gorgeous) you should check out Wally’s guys.

You can click any of the pictures below to be transported to WWB. Like a horcrux I tell ya!


Also, if you’re reading this post in an RSS feed…awesome, yay, but come check out my site real quick. I made it very preeeetty and beautiful. :) Maybe not as pretty as Patrik up above…but hey, I try.

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