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by Nick Swallow

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I know there have to be some of you who have a mild-to-moderate obsession with Harry Potter in any form: the books, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, really really badly written Harry Potter fanfic…and now, the ultimate 3d viewing experience: Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls. The DVD, hailed as “the most important 3D experience since Avatar” comes with blue/red glasses, a bunch of jokes, and cheesey backgrounds. But it rules.


Of course it is a porn send up of the Harry Potter movies (and books) and shows Whorrey, played by Luke Marcum, go off to Cockwarts to pal around with some kids and get involved in some crazy plot to steal the Sorcerer’s Balls. The whole thing is filmed in 3D using green screens so the backdrops for the characters are a number of different locations from train stations to castle dungeons. Most of them look pretty bad, like some sort of public access porn project, but we’ll take them over some tackily appointed porn set with left over Ikea furniture. The technological advancements do allow for some fun tricks like this “floating threeway” where Marcum, Eddie Diaz and Cameron Adams look like they’re having sex in midair. The plot of the movie is quite entertaining as well. New York drag queen Mimi Imfirst plays Fag Hagrid and cracks some clever lines.

It was even so cool that one of my personal idols, Ms. Chelsea Handler, gave it a mention on her show, Chelsea Lately:

whorrey potterwhorrey potter fag hagridwhorrey potter

Even if goofy/sexy wizard porn isn’t your thing, this film is definitely worth checking out, just ’cause EVERYONE will be talking about it for months if not years to come. It’s the first-ever feature-length 3d gay porn…and it has a plot! There are stunts like a floating threeway, invisibility cloak blowjobs, etc. I guarantee that even if you watch this film and don’t get turned on (about 5% of the population, let’s be honest), you will at least let out a chuckle/groan. This is the PERFECT date film…if you’re comfortable with your partner. It’s smart, conversation-provoking, and hell. You can only watch Luke Marcum so long before you’re in serious need of some lip-on-dick action. Trust me on this.

whorrey potter

Here is a trailer for Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls. Just check it out:

And for more wizard love pictures, head after the jump:

To buy Whorrey Potter, click here. Be prepared to be put under the Cockdickula Erectus spell.

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