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by Cilantro Che Guevara

CockyBoys released The Haunting Part II: Into the Woods yesterday, and if you don’t know what that is, check out my review of the first Haunting here. While CockyBoys is known as a porn studio, none of our fans or affiliates have really classified this particular series as porn… which is pretty cool! Snarky outsiders who haven’t gotten laid in a long time might call bullshit and say something like it’s “porn pretending to be more complex than it is,” but it’s pretty clear to me director Jake Jaxson ain’t pretending. There’s a certain director’s touch with The Haunting series that feels confident and unashamed. With the high production and layered story, you know he could easily direct non-porn movies and make a profit… which makes me see that he chooses to include his sex scenes in these mini-features as a creative decision.


“Creative porn” is not really a genre yet unless you look at movies like Short Bus or… what else is there? This genre’s lack of visibility is due to people thinking porn is only a tool with one goal in mind: getting off and getting it over with. They treat it like a toothbrush that’s used for 30 seconds a day to get the job done. It’s also somewhat of an escape fantasy from a reality many people may not be completely sexually satisfied with. Maybe they are not out of the closet, maybe they live in a town without a very large gay population, or maybe they are just lonely. And a lot of the porn industry gives them exactly what they are looking for, that hypothetical “toothbrush.” Hardcore sex, fucking from start to finish, no dialogue, just pure sex to help them achieve a climax in the quickest way possible. But nobody realizes how big of a part sex is in the lives of every human. And there comes a point in every porn watcher’s life when he or she realizes that continuous hardcore sex from start to finish leaves them feeling a bit empty and maybe even sad.

Trying to figure out the reasoning behind people treating the greatest natural human gift like a toothbrush is a much bigger conversation, and sadly, not one that that can be fixed with a snap of the fingers. Our inexcusably sex-phobic mainstream culture teaches us to keep our sexual urges bottled up tightly inside of us for some reason, and working at CockyBoys, interacting with our fans and customers, I’ve realized that so many other facets of a person’s character are built upon the foundation of sex. In America, we are taught to pretend it does not and act out on this with ridiculous censorship laws. Flash one tit on national TV and you’re fined over half a million dollars. Rub a dildo on your crotch in a movie and you’ve got an NC-17 rating. But if your film has continuous gun violence, strong language, and drug references, you can squeeze by with a PG-13. What the fuck is wrong with people?

If you’re gay, the whole thing is ten times worse because some people look at homosexuality as a perverted fetish so it’s super hush-hush. Kirby Dick discovered that the MPAA is much more likely to slap an NC-17 rating on a movie with gay sex than straight sex, as an example, and the ratio of sexy straight TV shows to sexy gay ones is so unbalanced that there basically is no ratio. You can’t even watch a cheesy, poorly-acted gay adult movie late at night on Cinemax because they don’t exist! Gay filmmakers have made countless attempts to fix this, but I think they are mostly doing it wrong. When I watch movies like Were the World Mine or Mysterious Skin, the agenda of the filmmaker seems to cater toward these tight-pussied “mainstream” viewers in attempt to teach them something about the gay experience. Sorry guys, we don’t owe you shit but thanks for the GLAAD award.

In Were the World Mine’s case, the movie is about a gay kid who changes the sexual orientations of his classmates but there’s not an ounce of sex in it. LOL. Throw that one on the WTF wagon. Congratulations on appeasing the straight viewers with the big distribution checkbooks by not grossing them out with those yucky gay scenes, but what you accomplished with your end result was a bland movie that contradicts itself. To its credit, it really feels like one of those movies that aims to “reach out” to confused and bullied gay kids, but honestly, I can guarantee you that this target demographic is better spending their time jerking off on xTube. Mysterious Skin missed the mark but for a totally different reason — the movie doesn’t suck but who really wants another gay pity party? That seems like a cheap shot to get distribution money, almost like intentionally failing an eye exam just so you can wear cool glasses. The movie was daring in its sex scenes, so I’ll give it that, but watching a little boy shove his fist up a grown man’s asshole doesn’t exactly make my dick hard.

Jake Jaxson's The Haunting

Arnaud Chagall in The Haunting Part II: Into the Woods

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at with all this is that it’s really refreshing that Jake Jaxson brings a new perspective to the whole thing. He shows us that it is possible for sex to be realistically incorporated into the everyday lives of gay men, whether it’s with go-go dancing, with maintaining a healthy monogamous relationship, or investigating a mysterious disappearance in the woods. I guess you could classify The Haunting series as porn, but personally, I see these hybrid genre porn mash-ups of his as more of a reflection of my own life. I get turned on by the scenes of course, but the reason I really find them necessary is because they remind me of times when I’ve had sex in the same way and under the same circumstances. I haven’t seen ghosts (yet!), but The Haunting series is especially unique because it reminds me of “straight” horror-sex movies like The Evil Dead and Paranormal Activity… so it relates to me personally on that level.

And okay, I know I work for CockyBoys and it’s kind of my job to promote our material, but I still recommend you take a look at The Haunting series. It was really the first series I’ve worked on here that made me feel proud to be a part of it. And I’m glad it’s opening up discussions about the way our culture is simultaneously absorbed and devoid of sex. What’s probably the coolest thing about The Haunting is that it makes sex less “scary” by incorporating a much more terrifying ghost story. It makes me realize that sex is something that shouldn’t have such a scary taboo in our culture. How about we move that label over to something like guns? A gun ban would make more people exist, but if you ban sex… then nobody would exist at all.

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