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by Nick Swallow

The winners of the Cockyboys love poem contest, inspired by Valentine’s day, have been announced! The winners were read out for our aural pleasure at the Gay Sex Cast. Check them out below…


Poem written for Jake Bass by Lisa @dlnaolson09

Wishing & wondering what it would take,
to draw the respect and attention of Jake.

I adore his eyes, tattoo’s & amazing derrière,
but it’s his smile that’s truly beyond compare.

Knowing how he lives his life, with such class,
always standing out in the crowd, that’s Mr. Bass.

I admire that he’s working towards his goal,
while always maintaining his playful soul.

I love how he’s different from all the rest,
maybe that’s why I love Jake Bass best!


Limerick written for Bravo Delta by Debbie @aviationdeb

A Boston boy who’s sharp, funny and smart
With a technical ability that sets him apart
Webcam people demand ‘Feet’
But his whole body’s a treat
Plus his baby blue eyes will melt your heart

    I love Cockyboys & The Cockybeast! Thanks to all the judges for taking time out of your lives to read my little poem! I do adore Jake Bass! Also thanks for the fun contests for us fans!

    February 18th, 2014 11:10 am

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