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by Nick Swallow

wolf hudson pierre fitch

Today in my annoying journalistic coverage of Wolf Hudson + Pierre Fitch, I bring you: updates from both halves of this fucking duo. Wolf’s a social media mogul basically, so we’re getting tweets, vids, and blog posts basically every hour.


At an introductory lunch, Pierre discussed his hopes, his dreams, his aspirations, his boyfriend Ralph Woods’ cock…and he didn’t know he was being filmed!


We also had sneak peeks and tweets from @WolfHudsonXXX about the shoot…for example:

“I hope this butt plug works cause @pierrefitch is packin’. ;-)”\

@PierreFitch tweeted: “ At the gym getting all pumped up and my hot ass in shape lol ;) I’m scared of what mr wolf will do to my poor little buns lol”


It’ll be passionate, kinky and delicious in ways I can’t even begin to describe, but that’s the kind of thing you guys have come to expect from me and we will deliver. I will take full advantage of his body with an explosion of steaming heat, to the brink of gushing orgasms! There will be some serious cock sucking, rimming (my favorite) and ass pounding┬áthat will┬ámake any Mac or PC short circuit. Quite simply HOT and something truly special and one of the highlights of my career. –Wolf Hudson, via


Photos taken by Wolf on the set of the scene

pierre fitch gay porn wolf hudson

pierre fitch gay porn wolf hudson

If you can’t wait much longer, you can check out Wolf Hudson at Cocky Boys and Pierre Fitch‘s scenes at Maleserve.

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