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by Nick Swallow

Penning a poem to someone who gives you hot-loins syndrome is a fine tradition passed to us from down the ages, and though it might have fallen by the wayside since email made us all illiterate imbeciles, we at Cockybeast Towers want to bring back a little of it’s romantic, artistic grace – with a porn twist (of course, we are porn peddlers).


Here’s your opportunity to write a ten line love poem and/or a 5 line Limerick about your favorite Cockyboy and, rather than just have it sit in your bottom drawer for all eternity, you’ll have the chance to use it to win a kooky prize- having your poem read by a special mystery porn guest! OOOH, who might that be? Colby Keller? Jake Bass? Dale Cooper? I don’t actually know. You never know, I might be roped into doing it myself (you lucky prize winner, you!). Oh, and you’ll also get a Cockyboys DVD of your choice shipped direct to your door! WOOP!

There’s a few different categories so there’s more than one chance at winning. So get riffing (yes, I used that right), write it down and send it in. Full details on the contest can be found at the bottom of this page!

    It’s kinda of longer than 5 or 10 lines cause it spells out his name :) hope it’s okay

    Forever in my heart
    Really love you. I will
    Always be here for you.
    Never doubt you are
    Kind hearted, and very
    Intelligent, and will always for
    Ever be my favorite cockyboy

    Very sexy I love
    Always looking at your
    Loving gorgeous face. I love how you make me smile
    Everyday. I love hearing that
    Nice sweet singing voice of yours.
    Thanks Cockyboys for
    Introoducing me to a very sweet
    Nice young man. You will for
    Ever be my favorite cockyboy.

    I love you Frankie V.

    Probably won’t win but can you make sure he at least sees it. Thanks

    January 20th, 2014 1:17 pm

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