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by Quin


Liam Riley began his brush with stardom as a high school cheerleader. Earlier this year he took a new direction in fame, rocketing into gay porn, and now he’s claimed his place beside stars such as Ricky Roman, Tayte Hanson, and Levi Karter, as a Cockyboy. We’re proud to have him, and excited to tell you about his website,!

A beautifully designed resource, Liam’s website opens with RJ Sebastian’s photography of Liam, showing the young man as his slightly scruffier, maturing self. RJ always seems to have the capacity to see his subjects in a lovely light, one that exposes their true spirit to the world. This is definitely the case with Liam, and these portraits invite you right into Liam’s world, full of sex, sweetness and a touch of wisdom.

As you step into this world, you learn about his life growing up in California, under the About tab; a life very ordinary until Liam discovered cheer and a passion that would see him through challenges and growth throughout his journey and on into his current porn career. Under the Updates tab you’ll find the latest on Liam’s porn scenes, everyday adventures, and his often insightful twitter feed. For even more in-depth glimpses into who Liam is, you’ll want to read the blog he includes on his site. This is where Liam lets his guard down and shares his thoughts and experiences being in porn and being part of the Cockyboys family. And when we say family


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