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by Quin


How did you feel about the sexual chemistry in Answered Prayers: The Assumption of the Lamb? We know you loved Dean Monroe and Max Ryder together (we’ve read your feedback on twitter and on the website), and in the new AP bonus material and alternate ending released by Cockyboys, Dean and Max discuss the filming process and speculate about their roles in the series. Jake Jaxson even appears in the bonus material, directing in that sexy voice of his, making the magic of porn film the way only he can.

But what about Dean and Max Carter? There is so much flirtation and tension between these two in The Assumption of the Lamb, especially as they tease you by switching between one Max and the other, but Max Carter as Moloch never goes all the way, leaving the fucking up to Seth and the Lamb. Until the bonus scene, however, when Moloch finally seals the deal, trading sultry, explicit blow jobs with Seth before getting off with him. Where Seth and the Lamb are passionate in a frenetic way, Seth and Moloch are quieter in their focus on each other, doing a sort of slow burn as they slowly suck each other, exchanging glances filled with meaning. They’re perfectly tuned in to how they’re making each other feel, every lick and slow thrust drawing their scene a little closer to the end. It’s a short scene, but trust us when we say: it was so worth filming. And it’s only available to members, so go ahead and sign up here!


    Is this bts footage only for members? Because i cant see the trailer on the site.

    October 16th, 2014 3:39 pm

    Yes, once you’re logged into the site you will see the bonus scene pop right up on the home page!

    October 16th, 2014 3:52 pm

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